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eSoft Interactive's Arcade Challenge is a collection of 10 never-before-seen, one-button controlled action-arcade games for the small screen! Whatever type of arcade game you're into, chances are, you'll enjoy this amazing compilation.

  • Ten easy-to-play-action-arcade games!
  • Simple but addictive gameplay
  • High score ranking
  • In-game battery meter
  • FREE lifetime updates

  • Windows Mobile - Pocket PC (including WM5)
  • Windows Mobile - Smartphone (including WM5)
  • Palm OS (high resolution - 320x320 only)


    Jump over the obstacles along the sidewalk

    Don't let poor Zoe trip while playing jump rope

    Pack and group the toys on the factory line

    Catch the fly by trapping him with walls

    Make sure he doesn't fall off the tunnel below

    Fly Captain Gravity into the endless void

    Do not let the alienz reach metropolis

    Shoot as many hoops
    as you can

    Shoot the cannon ball inside the moving ring

    Help litterbug clean her leaf by collecting pollens

  • SCREENSHOTS (click on thumbnail to view larger image)
    Windows Mobile - Pocket PC

    Skateboard Spiff Jump Rope Toy Factory The Fly Main Screen

    Palm OS (high resolution)

    Circus Cannon Litterbug Alienz Basket Hoops Main Screen

    Windows Mobile - Smartphone

    Main Screen Skateboard Spiff Alienz Litterbug Help Screen

    Review posted on May 28, 2007 by Alejandro De Leon
    Rating 5/5
    Review written on November 2005, by Colin Meeks
    Rating 8/10
    Review written on January 2005, by Tony Peak
    Rating 4.125/5
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