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Our trusty old iPaq 3760!

While we were going through our old garbage and cleaning up stuff, we came across our old iPaq 3760! The iPaq 3760 was one of the most high tech devices way back–combine an ARM processor with Windows CE OS and you need not carry a laptop anymore! This device was one of our first ever Pocket PCs and the one that started it all–yes, we’re talking about eSoft Interactive! For those who don’t have an idea, eSoft Interactive started as a small hobby and a huge penchant for learning new technologies. About 8 years ago, Windows Mobile (then called Windows CE) didn’t have much software and games on it which is what inspired us to explore the platform and develop games! We sold our first ever game–The Fly–on Handango (one of our very first partners) and has now become a part of Arcade Challenge. When we found out that people loved what we did, we developed and designed more games, turning it again into profits and soon realized that we can convert this hobby into a full-time business–and the rest became history! The good old days! :)

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  1. I had an Compaq H3765 a long time ago… I remember having Windows Mobile 2002 on the PDA. I wanted to upgrade so badly to a newer PDA. I went with the Dell X51V, it’s been my main PDA since… Ironically, I even upgraded the RAM in my PDA (X51V) to keep up with the tech world! Those were some very good days.

    Although with that ~300MHz processor in the Compaq PDA, it was still quite fast with Windows Mobile 2002. :D

    Good memories, very good memories…

    Taylor Jasko

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