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Product release. Yaaay!

This part of the development phase is our most favorite because this is the time where our schedules loosen up, things become less hectic and everybody gets excited as to how the “real” public will accept our software. But Product release isn’t just about creating a package for the game files and uploading them to our online store, it also involves pre-release marketing, product page development and advertising. Before a new title is released to the public, a product page showcasing the game’s features will be created first and then added to our online store. After this, a press release statement is sent out to all our media partners. Banner ads are created by the art team and forwarded to our merchants. Press copies are handed out to online reviewers. A message board for the new title is also created so we can easily get feedback from our customers and further improve the game should the need arises. At eSoft, it’s not just about selling and generating revenues from our products. We treat our software like our babies, which means we provide regular updates to further improve them and also to support new devices that come out every so often. More than the profit itself, our major fulfillment comes from the players and customers who send us their thoughts and comments about our software. Let us know what you think about our products!

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