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Totem -- our upcoming title!

Once a game concept has been approved based on its prototype (see Part 2), the actual development phase begins and the game assets–sound effects, music, artworks, etc. are identified one by one. As the development progresses, the game assets are also coursed through the proper person/channel. In our case, since we are just a small company, we usually have these assets done by third party development partners like Groovy Audio and Jaybot7 for our sound effects and music needs, and freelance artists like Stefan Hoercsoeky. We don’t have full time musicians or sound engineers but we have full time in-house artists like Erick Garayblas, our Chief Design Architect.

Game assets play a major role on the final game design and lay-out because this is what the players see and interact with. The assets need to be synchronized with events within the game like screen transitions, tap sounds, etc. Game asset creation, depending on the complexity of the game usually takes around 4-5 weeks and we also allot a week more (or two) for revisions as we enter the Beta phase. Check out what happens after the final game is complete on Part 4!

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