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Part 1: Brainstorming

For the next couple of weeks, we’ll be sharing with you how we create games here at eSoft Interactive in a series of articles. I’ll synch this article with one of our on-going game projects which we’ll call Hoist for now.

Like any other project, game design and development for Hoist began with brainstorming. We usually conduct several brainstorming sessions and invite everyone from the team to share their own ideas and suggestions for a new game. These ideas are then consolidated, sorted out and combined together to form an interesting game. There are no valuable and lame ideas, there are only used and unused ones. Unused ideas are kept for reference and sometimes used in later game projects. We have what we call an â??ideabankâ? wherein all our game ideas, features and miscellaneous stuff are stored for future reference. The chosen ideas are then combined and discussed further so that we can produce a playable prototype out of it.

I usually head all our design sessions within the company and these ideas are very essential to my work. I always expose myself to various games, reading materials and any other media to keep my imagination in its top shape. Whenever I’m not doing any programming work, I usually carry a small notebook with me so that I can easily write my thoughts and ideas wherever I am, that is, if I’m not carrying my PDA. A cool idea or game concept is the heart of a game. It defines whether the game will appeal to its audience or not. It keeps the players interested. If implemented properly, it makes the game a best-seller!

Watch out for for Part 2!

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