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Where it all started...

Contrary to what most people think, eSoft Interactive is actually a home-based indie company. Although we have established connections and partnerships outside the country, most of the operations and developments are still done at home. The games that we made (and you have played) were born in the confines of a home situated in the remote areas of Bulacan, a huge province north of Metro Manila, the capital of the Philippines.

It’s not a one-man show though, we have a dedicated team who makes sure that the company lives by its mission and vision. Erick is in charge of operations, support and design works. May and Tim are both focused on programming, design and development. Ben is our porting guru. Taylor handles all web-related stuff. From time to time, we also acquire the services of Stefan (artworks), Sherwin (artworks), Yannis (Sounds and music) and Jason (Sounds and music).

Over the years, the team’s goal was to always start small and dream big. We deeply prioritize our customers and our objective is to create high-quality games and interactive applications which people will enjoy. Rest assured, we will continue to develop engaging and fun games for your mobile device in the years to come! eSoft Interactive has been around for 5 years running now and we never would have gotten here if it weren’t for YOUR support. Thank you!

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